Some may describe life as an up and down roller coaster filled with highs, lows, joy, pain, love and loss. It is undeniable that life is a journey filled with many unique experiences. What we experience and how we experience the events in our lives is extremely important. It is through these experiences that we begin to define our lives and develop the lens through which we shape our internal and external views about ourselves, others and the world around us.

Our internal and external views highly influence the stories we create about the life we live. Sometimes we find ourselves feeling stuck in moments of low and unfulfilling narratives. This can sometimes lead to negative impacts on our mental and overall personal wellness.

At Discover You, we will utilize helpful strategies to change those unfulfilling narratives and restore the strength and confidence to overcome life’s challenges.

I am here to support and encourage you through your journey.

Through close collaboration and a client centered approach, we will explore root causes of the defined problem, deconstruct negative patterns and views while building on personal skills and strengths that support a more fulfilling view on life.

The first step is the greatest step in creating the life you desire. You deserve joy, peace and success! Contact us to help regain what’s yours!

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About Briana Thomas

Briana Thomas is a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist who is also credentialed as a Substance Abuse Counselor- IT and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. Briana has several years of experience working in community mental health as well as substance abuse treatment facilities.

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